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Pfizer, Inc. Clinical Technical Diligence Lead in Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Clinical Technical Diligence Lead is a member of the Oncology TASOT (Therapeutic Area Scientific Outreach Team), a globalteam composed of representatives from multiple functional lines who are responsible for evaluating the value of adding a clinically staged external compound or pipeline of compounds to the Pfizer Oncology portfolio.The TASOT reviews a broad landscape of all external compounds in order to identify the best compounds or pipelines to fit the Oncology Business Unit's (OBU) or Oncology Research Unit's (ORU) strategic goals for bringing in new assets. The TASOT leadership team identifies and recommends opportunities which are presented to the Oncology Triad and if approved by the Triad, advance to the Business Development Committee (BDC) for approval in principal (AiP) or final management approval (FMA) to execute clinical partnerships, in-licensing or potential merger-acquisitions. ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES Provides Medical and Clinical Development expertise for technical and strategic evaluation of all external compounds reviewed at the TASOT Working Team meetings to select strategic opportunities to pursue Provides technical review and evaluation of clinical data on any compound(s)/ pipelines in consideration for a deal with respect to the likelihood of the ability to achieve technical success of a clinical development plan leading to full registration of the compounds in indications with maximum commercial value Attends key Oncology-related Scientific Conferences to identify new assets that fit the strategic goals of the ORU/OBU for in-licensing and acquisition Attends Business Development (BD) specific meetings with external companies to hear and evaluate clinical data presentations to identify new opportunities and to update assessments on previously reviewed opportunities Leads Clinical Development technical assessments on an in-licensing/acquisition project review team, led by BU BD Search and Evaluation Leads, from the time of confidential presentations, through data review and creation of clinical development plans. Works closely with the Clinical Project Management and Clinical Operations Leads in GPD, Commercial and Legal to provide DB Clinical Development technical support through a deal valuations on clinical cost estimates, timing of clinical outcome related to milestones, appropriate divisions of clinical oversight and responsibilities for execution of clinical studies between the parties in co-development deals etc.... Supports Clinical Technical Group Lead with development of presentations to the TRIAD or other senior management Validates clinical assessment assumptions with direct discussions with external Oncologists and other key opinion leaders. BASIC QUALIFICATIONS Postgraduate training MD or DO degree (MD and PhD are a plus) with 10+ years industry or post graduate academia experience Medical and scientific understanding of entire drug development process with emphasis on interpretation of clinical data to determine likelihood of successful execution of the highest value clinical development plan for the opportunity or opportunities under consideration. Demonstration of good clinical technical data analysis skills Good interpersonal skills and effective verbal and written communication skills in relating to senior management, colleagues and associates both inside and outside the corporation. Ability to rapidly act upon diligence data to form an initial clinical assessment even when the clinical information may be early or have gaps Candidate demonstrates a breadth of diverse leadership experiences and capabilities including: the ability to influence and collaborate with peers, develop and coach others, oversee and guide the work of other colleagues to achieve meaningful outcomes and create business impact." PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS Postgraduate training/certification/fellowship in oncology. Additional experience with direct patient care is desirable. Experience in both str