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TSI Incorporated Vaporizer Scientist in St. Paul, Minnesota

TSI provides trusted measurement, application guidance, and data analytics solutions that enable our global customers to make informed decisions. We are creating a better world by helping protect people, products and the environment, as well as by optimizing research and industrial processes. Particle Instruments: Full line of precision instruments to size, count, generate, disperse and characterize particles for use in environmental monitoring, health effects research combustion studies, vehicle emissions testing, drug delivery development, nanomaterial analysis and more. We hire curious, collaborative, and critical thinkers. Explore TSI careers! MSP's Turbo-Vaporizers use a droplet vaporization, direct liquid injection technique. Our vaporizers use advanced technology in aerosol science and thermo-dynamics to create a more refined solution to vaporizing liquids for Semiconductor Manufacturing processes such as CVD and ALD. In such thin film applications, our Turbo-Vaporizers' stable and uniform vapor leads to a higher quality thin film and higher wafer yields with less down time. MSP's Vaporizers provide faster response time, high precision flow control, are able to operate at high temperatures, and are built with a clog-resistant design. JOB SUMMARY: The Vapor Scientist will be responsible for design, development and technical support of Vaporizers. This person will play an influencing role in the evaluation and the commercialization of technology related to MSPs Vaporizer Products and emerging product spaces, and will serve as an advanced technical resource for engineers and technical staff. Among other skills, this person requires an Expert level of working knowledge of mathematical modeling tools, thermodynamics of single-phase flows and strong knowledge for complex mixed phase flows. Knowledge of material and chemical properties, and processes related to semiconductor manufacturing is a plus. Among other tasks, the Engineering Scientist will work with multi-disciplinary design teams to define technical requirements, determine feasibility, and lay out and maintain a technology roadmap for future products. This person may also provide consulting across the organization to address problems and recom mend solutions. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Evaluate existing methods and develop improved methods for liquid flow control and vaporization for Semiconductor or Industrial manufacturing. Evaluate measurement concepts and algorithms for merit and demonstrate ability to convert theoretical concepts into cost-effective, manufacturable instruments. Support existing methods and contribute ideas to improve the company's core competency in the area of liquid vaporization and flow control. Respond to advanced technical questions from the field. Publish papers and generate patent applications relating to the company's measurement needs. This position requires someone that will present a confident and capable impression to customers by presenting engaging and relevant papers related to the field of liquid vaporization and flow control technology for Semiconductor and Industrial manufacturing. Participate on project teams and attend technical reviews offering insights on design. Keep active in the fields of interest by reviewing literature, interacting with existing and potential collaborators, and networking with Industrial and Academic colleagues. Work with leaders in the field to evaluate, develop and implement advanced measurement techniques. This can include working from published literature or directly with developers of licensed technologies. Be a technical driver of projects and be able to look at the project from a systems level - have a working knowledge of all technical aspects (software, hardware, algorithms, and current literature). Some travel to key trade shows, conferences, customer visits to present papers and bring back technical knowledge of the state of the art, competition, and voice of customer. Involvement in key tec